DEMANDGEN: Influ2's Behavioral Scoring Tool Will Help to Identify Highly Interested Decision-Makers

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DEMANDGEN: Influ2's Behavioral Scoring Tool Aims to Help Identify Highly Interested Decision-Makers

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Originally published on DemandGen Report, Nov 1, 2019

Account-based marketing (ABM) was created "to help marketers stop generic sales pitches and zero in on the essential needs of their most important clients." Now we are finally in a place where companies incorporate ABM into their marketing strategies and budgets.

Yet, many marketers are still struggling with measuring the effectiveness of their ABM campaigns, especially scoring accounts before handing them over to the sales team.

To solve this problem, at Influ2 we use behavioral scoring to measure the efficiency of person-based ads in our ABM strategy.

Behavioral Scoring was designed to measure the interests of people based on their interaction with ads, enabling marketers to identify sales-opportunities that were not captured with lead forms, emails or phone calls.

We told about this tool in bullet points to DemandGen, read more in their feature.

About the Author

Dmitri is a co-founder of Influ2 and a marketing guru with 20 years of hands-on experience in online marketing and advertising. An experienced public speaker with focus on personalized targeting and efficient marketing spend. Dmitri is a serial entrepreneur, having successfully launched, managed and advanced multiple IT-powered companies in US and EU markets. He has obtained his executive MBA degree from Columbia Business School and currently is a CEO at Influ2.

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