Research shows engagement can drive additional leads from ABM

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Research shows engagement can drive additional leads from ABM

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B2B marketers invest a lot of energy in making their content engaging. We work hard to attract the attention of enterprise decision makers with blog posts, case studies, and research like I am about to share with you.

People who enjoy your content wouldn’t mind continuing the conversation. The research below is the key to a completely new way of establishing dialogue with enterprise decision makers.

Research: do enterprise decision makers actually consume B2B content?

In this research we isolated decision makers from the rest of the site traffic and measured their engagement as a total time of active interaction with the content. Here’s what we got:

Active time on page for ABM campaigns visitors

The most striking insight is that 25% of decision makers spent more than 40 seconds actively consuming content across various campaigns. These visits are engaged leads that require the attention of your sales development representatives. You can almost hear them shouting “Talk to me!”

Every fourth visitor shouts “Talk to me!”

29% of decision makers spend 20 to 40 seconds of active time on landing pages. These people are clearly interested in the topic discussed, although they might not recall this visit if there is a delay in contacting them. This engagement time can be a positive signal for an automatic email follow-up via a drip campaign.

To sum up, 54% of always-busy, always-at-meetings enterprise decision makers actually read your content. You definitely want to continue the conversation with them. But now the tough question: HOW?

How to continue the conversation?

Every engagement is priceless, but you need to identify your visitor to be able to follow up. A lead form is probably the most frequently used solution, but it is a really BAD one based on simple math. Assume your lead form provides a 5% conversion rate. Now compare this to a 54% engagement level. Only 5% are willing to share their personal details; the remaining 46% are lost.

A lead form kills 9 out of 10 engagements.

If you run a person-based marketing campaign, every visitor is identified. You can follow up with visitors who engage for 20-40 seconds on your page via your email marketing software. In our recent split test, we received 3x better open rate for post-click follow-up emails vs a cold outbound email campaign.

People who spend more than 40 seconds on your page deserve the attention of your sales development team and their visits should be logged into your CRM software. Your sales reps will not only know who to talk to, but also what topic attracted your prospect’s attention.

About the Author

Dmitri is a co-founder of Influ2 and a marketing guru with 20 years of hands-on experience in online marketing and advertising. An experienced public speaker with focus on personalized targeting and efficient marketing spend. Dmitri is a serial entrepreneur, having successfully launched, managed and advanced multiple IT-powered companies in US and EU markets. He has obtained his executive MBA degree from Columbia Business School and currently is a CEO at Influ2.

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