How To Reach Customers Like Tesla

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How To Reach Customers Like Tesla

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A lot of "How to" content out there comes down to recycling the same advice over and over again, without adding any value.

I'm about to restore your faith in "How to" articles by offering a fresh perspective on how your marketing team can build relationship with utterly desirable yet unreachable customers, like say Tesla.

This fresh approach has been recently adopted by companies like Microsoft, Veeam, PandaDoc,, and Ajax Systems to name a few.

Let’s get started.

STEP 1. Decide who your target audience is within a specific company. In our example, it is Tesla.

You know how Account-Based Marketing (ABM) works. I am suggesting something different - person-based marketing.

Forget ABM. Try Person Based Marketing

In ABM you would target all the Tesla workers...but you don't need all Tesla workers... You need the top pick, you need decision-makers. You know that Mr. Musk works 18 hours a day, which probably means he doesn’t have time to deal with suppliers, like yourself. So, you got to understand who else is involved in a decision-making, who got the time to read, to check out your offer. You also want those, who can potentially be against purchasing your solution for Tesla. Procurement folks?

Find out who decision-makers are and make a list of them, name-by-name.

Do you need JB Straubel Tesla’s CTO, or Gabrielle Toldeno, the chief people officer? You might end up with a few dozens of people on your list once you are done with your research.

Personally, I use LinkedIn for this. I re-create the organization of the company based on the work title I find on LinkedIn. In our example, Tesla's CMO is an obvious choice. Who else? VP Marketing or Product Owners? Look into that, trust me that is worth your time.

How to reach decision makers at Tesla

STEP 2. Traditionally, you would be advised to start reaching out to these key people. Don't. These guys don’t know who you are, they've never heard of you. Your calls and email won't be just cold, they'll be ice cold. Don't waste your efforts and funds on that.

Think outside the box - what if you could warm up those Tesla prospects from your list by showing them relevant ads first? Not just any advertising, but ads, based on the content you have created specifically for Tesla? Create a piece of content designed specifically for that name-by-name list you've created. For example, a blog article with a title "4 Reasons Why Tesla Needs [Your Company Name] ;)

It is hard to resist clicking on a highly personalized ad. Still, don't forget to try different titles and content for your A/B testing.

Please try to make the content meaningful as well. Honour the people, who spend their time reading it.

STEP 3. How can you show these specific ads to these hand-picked decision-makers?

Launch person-based advertising campaign using Influ2 (come on, you knew I was going to mention Influ2 here).

Just upload that list of decision-makers and banners that lead to the content you've created for them.

STEP 4. Track results. Track views and clicks for each person from your list.

Influ2 Dashboard: ad campaign impressions and clicks

Analyze and qualify leads.

Reach out to those who are 'warmed up' and are clearly interested in your content. Keep in mind, you have at least two things going for you now:

  1. Decision-maker you are talking to already saw your ad and has some awareness of your company and its services.
  2. You know exactly which content drew his/her attention, you know what appeals to this person. Use this.

Also, define those who don’t click and learn why they don't. Perhaps, the content is of no interest to your targets? Try changing your ad.

Most of all, be patient. You are not selling Amazon Echo, it won’t be Elon's impulse purchase for his nephew for X-mas.

Want to try person-based marketing in action?

Set up your own campaign here Launch Campaign. Let me know how it goes!

About the Author

Dmitri is a co-founder of Influ2 and a marketing guru with 20 years of hands-on experience in online marketing and advertising. An experienced public speaker with focus on personalized targeting and efficient marketing spend. Dmitri is a serial entrepreneur, having successfully launched, managed and advanced multiple IT-powered companies in US and EU markets. He has obtained his executive MBA degree from Columbia Business School and currently is a CEO at Influ2.

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